Bitindi Chain bridge going live on 5th of the DEC with Ethereum, Binance, Polygon portability

Bitindi Chain
Dec 3, 2022


First-ever BSC/ETH/POLYGON-to-Bitindi Bridge, a permissionless crypto bridge that offers custodial-level security.

With this development, users will be able to seamlessly port their BNI tokens from BSC to Bitindi Chain.

Bridges have been of great use in the blockchain ecosystem as they contribute to connecting different crypto ecosystems and facilitate communication between them.

On 3rd December, our L1 blockchain Mainnet went live, this is the first-ever bridge that would connect Bitindi Chain to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It’s a “huge development” for the entire Bitindi ecosystem.

Bitindi’s gains look good, BNI have been perfoming well in bear market. and it gives us motivation and boost to devalop more dapps on Bitindi Chain.

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