Bitindi’s Mainnet Launch: Community Update

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4 min readDec 15, 2022


Bitindi Chain $BNI Mainnet was made possible through our team’s hard work and ingenuity this past year against some of the most challenging technological hurdles in blockchain.

During last 2 months our Founder kumar, has shared the behind-the-scenes work that had brought Bitindi Chain to this point.

Kumar also provided his thoughts on our Mainnet launch, saying:

“Bitindi is the best of the, Ethereum and EVM Blockchains, and puts to rest the Ethereum killer narrative once and for all. Ethereum or EVM-based projects can, for the first time, tap into the a creative mechanism where without needing to rewrite their code they can deploy same code to Bitindi Chain and can earn BNI from developer pool. As a result, users will now get to enjoy enhanced user experiences on Bitindi Chain and earn some handsome money for the dApps they are building on Bitindi Chain.”

“Rather than looking at Ethereum, Binance, and other emerging L1s as disconnected blockchains, through Bitindi’s launch we aim to foster multi-chain ecosystem growth by leveraging each blockchain’s respective strengths,” Kumar continued.

The State of Technology

Our launch to Mainnet is just the start. Below we’ll dig into the state of the Bitindi technology and report on topics such as dApp testing, performance testing, operators, Bitindi Bridge, Bitindi Scan, Bitindi Dex, Bitindi Staking, tokens, gas prices, and governance.

dApp Testing

In recent weeks, we’ve deploy and test popular Ethereum dApps on Bitindi Testnet. A wide array of dApps were selected to test Bitindi’s Ecosystem compatibility. All use cases explored were successful, and the underlying smart contracts performed correctly and efficiently.

Performance Testing

We ran a series of synthetic tests and achieved results of 2500+ TPS on Mainnet. Synthetic tests only measure the speed of the Bitindi Chain’s smart contract.


Validators are a key component of the Bitindi ecosystem. After a user submits a transaction to Bitindi, no additional steps are required to execute the instructions or store the data required for a transaction. The complexities are automatically handled by Bitindi Validators. The transaction type ultimately determines the cost of a transaction. Validators run Bitindi Nods, which helps facilitate seamless execution of transactions on blockchain.

Mainnet Validators will be listed here.

Bitindi Bridge

Bitindi Bridge will be used to transfer assets between Ethereum/Binance/polygon and other blockchains and Bitindi. It’s important to recognize that Bitindi Bridge sends the original asset from the source to the target address. This “transfer” feature differs greatly from the “bridging” functionality of standard blockchain bridges. Bridges lock the original assets in smart contracts and mint “synthetic” assets in the destination blockchain ecosystems.

Try out Bitindi Bridge here.


Bitindi is an EVM Supported Blockchain and currently supports MetaMask.

Learn more about how to configure MetaMask.

Block Explorers

Our team has successfully integrated with Bitindi Scan to provide Block Explorer infrastructure to the ecosystem. Bitindi Scan lets users search the Bitindi blockchain for information such as block data, transactions, and addresses in a standard block explorer interface.


BNI (BIP20) is a native token used to pay for transactions and participate in DAO governance on Bitindi Chain.

Gas Price

Bitindi’s low transaction fees. A Bitindi transfer costs 0.00001 BNI / tx and a simple swap or contract interaction costs 0.00002 BNI / tx.


Bitindi DAO will function as a normal DAO and use BNI as the governance token. Each token is equivalent to one governance vote.

Projects Being Built on Bitindi Chain

Ambassador Program

An Ambassador Program is coming soon. Please stay tuned.


Our community has always been a vital part of our success, and we couldn’t be happier with all the trust and patience you have shown us throughout all of our struggles to make this happen. For this reason, we feel obligated to deliver and to give even more to our community. We are in this together. Expect a lot from us in the upcoming weeks and months. Let’s grow even bigger and continue making the difference.

Beyond Mainnet

The road to Mainnet focused on solidifying the Bitindi proof of concept, testing key dApps,

Bitindi Chain stabilization, BIP-20 with EVM support, passing security audits, rolling out Bitindi bridge, Bitindi Staking and launching Bitindi Scan.

Now in Mainnet, we will bring our attention to early dApp deployments, the Bitindi DAO governance roll-out, maintaining a Mainnet-ready Bitindi, integration with The Graph.

Looking beyond Mainnet, our team will focus on exploring interoperability with other non EVM smart contracts, Bitindi ecosystem growth, the grants program launch, developing a decentralized network, full compatibility with Ethereum and other EVM Chains, and supporting top industry ecosystem tools and services.

Calling on All Projects to Deploy on Bitindi Chain

It’s time to start deploying your own smart contracts to Bitindi Chain. If you have any issues or need additional guidance, check out our Bitindi Docs or reach out to a team member on Telegram. Our website and GitHub also contain great resources for those interested in learning more about Bitindi and experimenting with the platform.

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