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Bitindi Chain
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Bitindi Chain

Ethereum’s success as one of the first ecosystems to support dApps birthed numerous chains. The blockchain is a programmable network, allowing developers to build applications on it. Following in the footsteps of Bitcoin, Ethereum is one of the most valuable chains in the digital asset community.

What is Bitindi ECO Chain (BITINDI)?

Bitindi is a decentralized and energy-saving public chain that boasts smart contracts compatibility. Creators built the chain for both users and developers. While users may enjoy attractive features like low transaction fees and high performance, developers take advantage of the compatibility of the smart contract.

The Bitindi chain will support cross-chain functionality. This means that it would allow more accessible communication between different chains while optimizing fees during the transfer of assets.

Pros of using Bitindi mainnet as a user

Bitindi asserted that users enjoy certain benefits when they use Bitindi Chain. Benefits for users are usually in the form of user experience and usability. Below are the pros enjoyed by users when they use Bitindi Chain.

Faster transaction execution

On Bitindi Chain, users can initiate transactions and get quick implementation. The speedier performance is due to the use of the BPoS consensus mechanism.

Cheaper transaction fees

It also charges lesser transaction fees due to high compatibility with smart contracts and a meta transaction to reduce cost.

Cross-chain functionality

Bitindi Chain is a cross-chain platform that allows transactions with other blockchains.

Transaction currency

The Bitindi token (BNI) is the transaction currency, also the Bitindi ecosystem’s native currency.

Pros of using Bitindi Chain mainnet as a developer

Developers also enjoy some benefits when using the chain, and they are below.

High compatibility with smart contracts

This allows developers to make dApps supported on Ethereum and other chains.

Reduction in migration costs

Migration cost is cheaper due to cross-chain functionality and smart contract support.

What is Bitindi (BNI) Token?

Bitindi token (BNI) is the native token of the Bitindi ecosystem and the currency of Bitindi Chain. People holding the asset also enjoy lower trading fees on Bitindi ecosystem with the power to vote on crucial decisions. Besides user experience, holders may also enjoy asset growth over time.

Peculiarities of Bitindi Chain

Essentially, the Bitindi ECO chain is a network made to help developers access low-cost on-chain services. Because of its high compatibility with smart contracts, programmers pay lesser for running dApps. Also, users can store digital assets with the chain’s decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Bitindi Chain focuses primarily on DeFi and its development. Although the chain is relatively new, it has numerous decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on its network. DeFi is an industry that centers on providing financial services to users without interruption from intermediaries. Unlike centralized systems that have control over a user’s money, DeFi gives users autonomy.

Today, DeFi continues to attract more attention from within the digital asset community and the mainstream media. The industry has grown rapidly over the years, helping people access financial services without going to a bank.

Technical Aspects Of Bitindi Chain

Bitindi will operate a decentralized and public network for more robust security. It also will allow EVM programmability, which makes smart contracts compatible. The chain supports the asset transmission of multiple cryptocurrencies for effective asset transfer.

How To Use Bitindi Chain

Bitindi chain is the public blockchain, and it focuses on DeFi. Here are some ways to use the chain.

Bitindi Chain DeFi projects

Bitindi Chain hosts some DeFi projects on its network. Below are some of the popular Bitindi DeFi projects.

Dex Exchnage

Bitindi technology and inherent interoperability will allow new projects to list their tokens on all blockchains supported by Bitindi by listing on Bitindi Dex.

DeFi Wallet

Bitindi has its wallet called Bitindi DeFi wallet. It is a professional and multi-chain wallet. Similarly, the site assured that the wallet’s security is top-notch. Also, it has a digital asset management (DAM) service to help users enjoy seamless transactions.

Users can add their favorite assets alongside the available eight: BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, and others. These eight assets have already been included in the app so that you can transact with them immediately. Similarly, you can utilize all ERC-20 tokens on Bitindi wallet because it supports a comprehensive range of token types.


Bitindi is another chain aiming to spread the adoption of decentralized finance. With cost-effective transactions and lower power usage, developers can take advantage of the network. The chain hosts numerous DeFi projects, so users can exploit them by getting loans, using the yielding farm, and many other applications. You can also use your BNI with multiple wallets to ensure a seamless transaction, such as Metamask, Ledger, and Bitindi.

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Bitindi Chain

An innovative blockchain that aims to bring a shift in the blockchain ecosystem by introducing a next generation user-friendly development tools.